#Cubs and Arrieta face LA

Joe Maddon said he was considering some lineup changes for Game 3 of the NLCS against the Dodgers, and he did. Ben Zobrist moved up to the No. 3 spot and Jorge Soler got his first playoff start, inserted into the sixth spot and playing right field instead of Jason Heyward. First pitch scheduled for 7:08 p.m. CT from Dodger Stadium.

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Zobrist LF

Rizzo 1B

Baez 2B

Soler RF

Russell SS

Montero C

Arrieta P

Here’s the Dodgers lineup:

Utley 2B

Seager SS

Turner 3B

Gonzalez 1B

Reddick RF

Pederson CF

Grandal C

Toles LF

Hill P



Why not Almora Jr over Soler? Almora has more speed, can probably bunt if needed and has some pop. Just think it might be a better bet and he also hits right handed. Could help to have that versatility in the starting line up rather than as a pinch hitter in my opinion.

I thought it would be Almora too jhosk.
He went from defense in RF, to average at best defense. lol

Sorry, that’s jay99nau, must be in Flagstaff.

Aloha Jay and jasper, I also thought Almora. Maybe Soler early to jump start offense, if really tight game bring in Jr. Notice Rizzo dropped down, Zobrist protecting Bryant. I like that and Addy to 7th. I wish them tonight! Go Cubs!Mahalo!

Why not Almora Jr over Soler? Almora has more speed, can probably bunt if needed and has some pop. Just think it might be a better bet and he also hits right handed. Could help to have that versatility in the starting line up rather than as a pinch hitter in my opinion.

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So glad he made some changes,
especially moving up Baez.

I would play Contreres (quicker in the field and a more controlled quicker bat) n place of Soler. Soler has too long a swing and swings at too many low outside sliders…..also too slow in the field. I would put Zobrist batting second so he could move Fowler along with a sacrifice if needed and let Bryant drive him in.

Aloha Stephen, that is a good point about Contreras, short compact swing, better fielder. I think Soler is on a short leash tonight, I hope he comes through. Mahalo!

Stephen E Clason, that’s what I have wanted all year. Fowler-Zobrist 1 -2, it makes all the sense in the world.
Montero catching tonight because Arietta is pitching, that is bogus as well. Should be Contreras.
Russell not hitting, put Baez at SS, Zobrist at 2B.
Then you can have your defense in RF and Soler in LF.

Fowler CF, Zobrist 2B, Bryant 3B, Rizzo 1B, Soler LF, Baez SS, Contreras C, Almora RF, That would be my lineup and a very good one against a LH Pitcher.

Jasper, like your lineup but would move Rizzo further on down. Loving St. Maarten. Go Cubs!!

Aloha jasper, missed that from Stephen about Zobrist behind Fowler! I also like your lineup. As much as I am a big fan of Russell’s, he’s not hitting. Your lineup gives Joe a lot of options late in the game, if defense is needed Contreras/Zobrist/Coghlan can go to LF, in that Russell brought in or not. Miggy can come off the bench as a ph or behind the plate. Well, pulling Heyward was huge for Joe as we have discussed already. The lineup has to be patient with a “finesser” like Rich. Mahalo!

Yeah, we need Zobrist batting second and Russel batting 7. When Z batted second the first 2 months of the year, he hit about .330 or .340. He had Bryant backing him so he saw better pitches and he was able to slap hit more rather that feeling the pressure of hitting cleanup. Also, we need Russel’s glove and he hit better when he wasn’t facing the pressure of a 5 or 6 hitter. With Baez backing Riz and Bryant, no one will pitch around those guys unless they are nuts. Put Contreres behind the plate….(better arm than Montero plus Jake’s delivery to home is a little slow and with Montero’s poor arm, LA will steal more bases),,,, and better bat….bat him 6 behind Baez…..we could even leave Jason in Right Field for defense and I believe our line up is more solid.

Aloha Folks, I wonder how long Soler is kept in? Not too sure about his defense tonight. I hope the bats can come alive or the defense issue is a mute point. Go Cubs! Mahalo!

Anybody notice Montero up against that LH curveball with two out and two on? He didn’t stand a chance. He should not have even been in the lineup.

Gentleman…at this point, the repositioning of the line up is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. We’re witnessing the greatest choke job since the Boston strangler, only this time, Cubs fans are the victims. I should’ve known that this season was one big tease, and we’d be left in the cold, our pants down at our ankles, and our wallets missing. But we only have ourselves to blame for hoping. The best predictor of the future is the past, and the past says the Cubs are going home in a body bag. I’ve had it. I only wish I hadn’t wasted the last 32 years. I’d go to bed, but then I’d only have nightmares of Steve Bartman wearing a Dodger uniform, riding a Marlin, singing “Meet the Mets.” Good night and good riddings.

Oh please, quit being such a drama queen! They lost a game to the best pitcher in the game and to one who has a 2.00 ERA since September 2015. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch tonight or ever again.

2 hits. Wow. Let me see, that is 4 hits over two games. Not bad for a AA Team.

Cubs were out-hit, out-pitched, out-managed and out-played. Suddenly everybody forgot how to hit a baseball. Pitiful.

Doesn’t any one here realize how we feel or what we want makes no difference. It only matters what the players/managers do that creates results. Hence, down 2-1, no hitting what so ever and our great pitching has disappeared. Look folks, I have bleed for this team since 1947 and really know what bleeding is. On paper this team should sweep everybody but in the players minds that is not what is going on. They have already given up for next year. What a shame and what a waste especially for those young players that now realize they don’t really have it. As for Jasper Giggs, when you can say you have lived with their losses as long as I have, run your mouth. Otherwise, go somewhere else. What I am doing is called venting. Capish.

I hear y`all. Our offense is pathetic to this point, and Arrieta is very ordinary these days, and we`ve known that for awhile. If you did not, you are naive and have not been paying attention, and you are not a serious fan. But even had Jake pitched the way he did in the second half of 2015, it`s dubious we win this game tonight. Did I mention a team has to score at least one run to win a game? We need to win one of the next two games at Chavez Ravine. We need to get this series back to NUVEEN Field. All the Cubs `weaknesses have been exposed by the Dodgers in this series. The principal weakness is that we have not proved our batters can hit good pitching. And I`m not referencing just this 2016 postseason. It goes back to 2015 versus the Mets. Am I giving up on this series? Absolutely not. We need to win one of the next two in southern California, and get back to NUVEEN Field where I`m confident we can win two. If we do not, that spectacular 103 win regular season won`t mean shit.

Aloha jhosk! LOL! I needed a good laugh and I must say your last line gave me that! A dear friend of mine here and Giants’ fan now routing for the Cubs sends me a message “do the Cubs play small ball?” I thought that was profound as we have talked about this for years now on this blog. Very difficult when you draft or trade for “sluggers” with long swings as the say. Hill is a little bit of a throw-back, in that you do not see to many young pitchers throwing a curve his way but after tonight I bet some youngsters will want to learn it! As my father was saying at the beginning of a game you are fresh and if all the opposing team throws at you is fastballs, well any team can hit them. Later in the game when you are tired you then bring in a Miller/Jansen/Chapman. As you said, the Dodgers and frankly teams with better pitching have exposed this teams’ weakness. If I were Roberts of the Dodgers I go for the jugular on Thursday bringing back Kershaw. If the Cubs win tomorrow, I try to see if Hill can go again on short notice meaning Saturday. This is how Maddon has to think now because the Cubs are not going to see Maeda again if the Dodgers have any say in it. I also think Maddon has to have quite the chat with Ross as he is the best catcher and you saw what a stolen base got today. If Ross can start the next two games, maybe you take a chance with Contreras out in LF and Almora in RF. Give Addy a rest and have Zobrist back at 2nd and let Baez play SS. You know I have written extensively about why catchers make very good managers/coaches. I have to give Roberts kudos because he was an outfielder and his team has gone through adversity but found a way to win without Kershaw and now they have him back. The momentum is on their side, there is no denying it and the Cubs must win tomorrow. I think I heard a statistic said in the last 10 NLCS series where it was tied after the first two games (1-1), the team that won game 3 went on to win the series 8 out of 10 times. Well, now is the time for the Cubs to break that string! It starts tomorrow and I hope Maddon is up for the task because his has been out managed thus far and he is better than this. Take care now and go Cubbies! Mahalo!

Well put.

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