#Cubs and Lackey face Dodgers

Manager Joe Maddon went back to a more defensive lineup on Wednesday for Game 4 of the NL Championship Series, starting Jason Heyward in right. Rookie Willson Contreras will be behind the plate, and Addison Russell, who has been struggling in the postseason, was dropped to eighth in the order. First pitch was scheduled for 7:08 p.m. CT.

Here’s the Cubs lineup:

Fowler CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist LF

Baez 2B

Contreras C

Heyward RF

Russell SS

Lackey P

The Cubs will face their third straight lefty in the series in 20-year-old Julio Urias. However, they faced the youngster twice this season, beating him on June 2 at Wrigley Field in his second ML start and then losing Aug. 27 in Los Angeles, 3-2. The Cubs did not face Game 2 starter Clayton Kershaw or Game 3 starter Rich Hill in the regular season, and lost both NLCS games against them.

The Cubs will counter with John Lackey, who will be making his 22nd career post-season start, the most for any active pitcher in baseball. He will be tied with Whitey Ford for the sixth-most starts in postseason history. Andy Pettitte holds the all-time record with 44 post-season starts.


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Aloha folks, I understand this lineup because Heyward has had som e success against Urias. Again if close game and Heyward struggling, I could see Almora coming in. But I hope Jason breaks out of his season long slump. Same for Addy and Rizzo. Let us also hope that Contreras plays well behind the plate tonight! Mahalo!

Aloha Folks! I know you are all elated after tonight’s win! First have to give kudos to many folks including Lackey, he needed to go out there and keep it close and he did. I am sure he was not happy to get pulled in the 5th but he just was not hitting his target. I felt Montgomery should have had that Turner hit back to him and hope he will bounce back from that. But have to first give the veteran Zobrist his due. He started it off in the 4th with observing the defense by laying down a bunt for a single! We caught a break with Baez over-swinging again but he got a single which brought up Contreras. I know it has not been easy for Heyward but to fight and stay in there and get a ground out to get the 2nd run was huge! Then we get to Addy, you just knew with his first at-bat where he hit a breaking pitch deep to Left that he was due and he took Urias deep RT-Center, that was awesome! I think he went 3-5! Then (I am sure Mat B will love this) when I am listening to Pat Hughes/Ron Coomer and company they said they had a special guest on the field, that was Rizzo. Rizzo shared in the interview that his first 2 at-bats he struck out both times. Then he goes to his buddy, Matt Szczur and ask him if he can use his bat of course Szczur obliged and the rest is history! Rizzo goes 3-3 with Matt’s bat and a homer to boot! He said there is a difference between their bats and at times he likes the feel of Matt’s! Thank goodness the bp limited the damage and held the lead! Cubs fans should be excited because this series is going back to Wrigley! Mahalo!

Aloha Again- forgot to ask a question: If Roberts pulls Maeda tomorrow for Kershaw, what lineup would you like to see? We know Kershaw is tough on lefties. We also know Lester is pitching tomorrow so Ross is behind the plate so do you go with something like: Fowler-Almora-Zobrist-Bryant-Rizzo-Baez-Ross-Russell-Lester? This lineup at least gives you 7 righties. You could swap out Soler for Almora but I still like to have defense in the lineup and with Almora at RF it allows you to have Zobrist in LF again. Of course if Roberts decides to go with Maeda, a righty, that changes everything. Take care now and go Cubs! Mahalo!

Well, I just read if true Maeda is confirmed for tomorrow. Well, need to jump on him early too and get his pitch count up as well. Mahalo!

Glad to see Rizzo and Russel awake from their slumps. Hope that continues. One game at a time. Would be sweet to come back home up 3-2 needing one to move on. Go Cubbies!

Aloha Tom, yes it sure would be nice for the team to go back 3-2, knowing you have Kershaw and Hill (Saturday/Sunday). It takes some pressure off of the team as they would not be in an elimination situation. Let’s hope for the best tonight! Mahalo!

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