#Cubs Bryant: “We’re all confident”

LOS ANGELES — The  Cubs trail the Dodgers, 2-1, in the best of seven NL Championship Series, and have struggled offensively. After Tuesday’s games, Kris Bryant did not sound as worried as Cubs fans might be.

“We’ll figure it out,” Bryant said. “We’re all very confident here. The peaks and valleys of this game will sometimes drive you crazy, but we have more games to play.

“Based on what we’ve done this year, sure, it’s surprising,” he said of the lack of offense. “It’s happening at the wrong time, but like I just said, we have more games to play, more times to get that confidence back and figure things out. I’m sure we will. We’ve done it all year. We’re here for a reason. Belief is very powerful, and I think we all have that here.”

Teams have rallied from 2-1 deficits to win seven-game series. Here’s a list (although Cubs fans may not want to look at 2003):

2014 World Series: Giants trailed, 2-1, vs Royals

2013 World Series: Red Sox trailed, 2-1, vs Cardinals

2012 NLCS: Giants trailed Cardinals, 2-1

2007 ALCS: Red Sox trailed Indians, 2-1

2004 ALCS: Red Sox trailed Yankees, 3-0

2003 World Series: Marlins trailed Yankees, 2-1

2003 NLCS: Marlins trailed Cubs, 2-1

1998 ALCS: Yankees trailed Indians, 2-1

Bryant said this year’s NLCS is not like last year when the Cubs were swept by the Mets.

“This is a different situation,” he said.  “I feel like last year [the Mets] pitchers just beat us. Right now, we’ve had some chances. We’re only down, 2-1. Last year at this time we were down three.”


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Tonight is a must win for the Cubs, as they don’t want to be down 3-1 with the prospect of facing Kershaw in Game 5. Urias, like Hill, is capable of throwing a good game, but unlike with Hill, the Cubs have already faced Urias twice this season so hopefully they’ll have a better idea of what to expect. Yesterday was frustrating to watch, but if they can flip the switch and start hitting again they’ll be in descent shape. And it is very common in baseball for a player in a slump to suddenly flip the switch and break out of it. All it takes is one good at bat or one seeing-eye single or one mistake that you connect with and suddenly you could go from being ice cold to being on fire. Let’s just hope that tonight is the night where it happens for most or all of them or else it could be season over tomorrow.

Aloha Doug, yes it is a must win and as you said, the Cubs had not seen Both Kershaw and Hill. I have been daytime for sometime, watch Roberts go with Kershaw on Thursday. But, if our Cubbies can win tonight and ensure the series goes back to Wrigley, there is a chance Kershaw is kept for Saturday. They need to be patient tonight and let the young pitcher make mistakes and capitalize on it early and often so no Jansen coming in! Of course Lackey needs to be lights out and go long, to give bp some rest too. Go Cubs! Mahalo!

Aloha Doug, these gadgets always try to “think” what you are going to say. I was trying to say that for a while now, I could see the Dodgers’ Roberts move up Kershaw and have him pitch on Thursday, tomorrow. Will be interesting to hear his decision, I am sure Maddon has two lineups ready to go depending if it is Maeda or the 3-time CY winner. Take care. Mahalo.

Two of my favorite moments from Game 4 were the following: Willson picking off Turner at second base with the throw to Addison, and the conversation between Anthony and home plate umpire Angel Hernandez when the first baseman apologized for his prior ab when he dropped his bat and headed for first thinking the pitch was ball four. Love the way the umpire reacted, even calling Rizzo “awesome.” (If you were not watching FS1 which had audio of the exchange, you probably missed it.) Both men are class acts, and Angel Hernandez is going to be one of my favorite umpires from this day forward.

It was a nice exchange jhosk.
Anyone hear from the other guy? lol

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