#Cubs NLCS notes

Some Cubs notes to consider as you wait for Game 4 of the NL Championship Series:

*In Game 3 on Tuesday, the Dodgers’ Rich Hill threw Anthony Rizzo seven fastballs and 14 curves, and threw Jorge Soler one fastball and 11 curves. The Cubs had the lowest average exit velocity against curveballs this season (83.8 mph). The MLB average was 87.1 mph.

The Cubs are batting .185 in the postseason. They’re batting .152 vs LHP after hitting .267 against them in the regular season.


The Cubs look to avoid joining the 1966 Dodgers and 1905 Athletics as the only teams to be shut out in three consecutive postseason games. The Cubs are the fourth team to be shut out in consecutive LCS contests. The previous three teams to do so all went on to lose the series (1974 Orioles, 1987 Giants, 1991 Pirates).


Does this NLCS look familiar to Cubs fans?

Cubs vs Dodgers, 2016 NLCS: slash line .161/.235/.312; eight runs, two homers

Cubs vs Mets, 2015 NLCS: slash line: .164/.225/.297; eight runs, four homers


Sunshine state: The Cubs have lost all seven NLCS games they’ve played in California. They lost three to Padres in 1984, three to Giants in 1989 and now one to the Dodgers.

The Cubs and Dodgers have combined to hit .197 in the NLCS. The lowest combined batting average ever in an NLCS was .203 by the Mets and Reds in 1973.


On Wednesday, John Lackey faces the Dodgers’ Julio Urias. Lackey has 2,669 2/3 innings pitched in his career, Urias 77. In the postseason, Lackey has totaled 131 2/3 innings, while Urias has two. When Lackey made his postseason debut for the Angels in 2002, Urias was 6 years old.

If Lackey wins Wednesday, he will become the first pitcher in MLB history to record a postseason win with four different teams (Angels, Red Sox, Cardinals, Cubs).



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Do you think there is a reason we struggle so much on the west coast where other teams do not so much?

It all comes down to pitching

You don’t think there is a unique reason why we are 0-7 all time on the west coast in the NLCS? That seems like a staggering statistic. Just need one win to change that, but just seems odd and over-whelming.

Aloha Jay, I agree with Carrie especially in the post-season, it is about pitching. But I will add this aspect, there are many young players on this team that are still learning/adjusting. An example is Baez, he swings for the fences all the time and needs to learn how to shorten his swing, choke up when he is behind in a count. The Dodgers displayed small-ball yesterday with the first run of the game and that has been a problem for this team. They have to be able to manufacture runs through singles/stolen bases/sac bunts-sac flies when hitting against good pitching. Rizzo did draw a walk and stole a base but no one brought him in. Let’s hope they can get to the rookie, Urias, early and as jhosk said Lackey pitch the game of his life! Mahalo!

The Cubs do have a pretty bad playoff record west of the Mississippi (2-13 I think, which includes 1-1 in St. Louis which isn’t really that far west at all), but yeah, the teams they’ve run into out there have had some pretty good pitching and the home team has a built in advantage no matter where the game is played. While length of travel may play a tiny role, let’s not dismiss that they have played some pretty good teams. I’m sure if they were somehow playing the 2016 Padres right now, they’d probably sweep the series easily!

Joe Maddon commented after Tuesday`s Game 3 that the Cubs` batters are not hitting the ball hard. There is more to the situation than that as Harold Reynolds on the MLB Network pointed out. The Cubs are not making good swings. There is a difference. As we`ve commented before, it`s for games like this one tonight (Wednesday), that John Lackey came to the Cubs. He was unimpressive in that recent start versus the Giants. It`s time to show up, John. We need you. Corey Seager is one of the best young baseball players I`ve seen in all my years observing the game. We can`t allow him to beat us. I was calling for him to be intentionally walked in the third inning of Tuesday`s game. Yes, Gonzalez and Turner are both dangerous, but I place Seager ahead of those two even though, incredibly, he`s a rookie.

Very thoughtful and dispassionate statistical explanation. Thank you. Gotta get those bats going. Game 4 not on TV in Brazil. I’ll watch on internet. Game 5 slated for broadcast here.

Aloha Bruce, good yo hear from you! I had to get a trial subscription myself to SlingTV which streams the FS1 game live too. Yes, it is time to break this West Coast “cloud” hanging over the organization. Take care now. Mahalo!

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