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3/31 Cubs test instant replay

Cubs manager Rick Renteria made history as the first to test baseball’s new expanded instant replay rule in the fifth inning Monday.

The Cubs had runners at first and second with nobody out when pitcher Jeff Samardzija bunted toward third base side. Pirates pitcher Francisco Liriano fielded the ball, and threw to third baseman Pedro Alverez to get the runner, and he then fired to second baseman Neil Walker, who was covering at first.

Samardzija signaled safe as he crossed the bag but first base umpire Bob Davidson called the pitcher out. Renteria went out to talk to Davidson, and challenged the call. Davidson and home plate umpire John Hirschbeck went to the headsets and reviewed the play, and the call was confirmed.

The replay was shown on the video scoreboard at PNC Park.

The Cubs have video coordinator Naoto Masamoto and quality assurance coach Jose Castro as the eyes in the clubhouse, watching replays of the plays.

“I think like all of us, it’s going to be something that’s ongoing, correcting ourselves, setting up a system to communicate with each other,” Renteria said before the game. “I’m sure we’ll muff some and get some right. The process will be developed and perfected over time. It’s new to everybody and we’re all cognizant of that and we’ll keep trying to do the best we can with that.”

How will Renteria know when to challenge a call?

“First of all, your eyes tell you what’s going on,” he said. “Then, as soon as that happens, obviously, I talk to my bench coach [Brandon Hyde] and we’re on the horn communicating with the people who are going to be reviewing the play and then I’ll try to set it up and look in and get a feel for a signal and we’ll go from there.”

— Carrie Muskat

3/3 Instant replay

Monday’s game between the Cubs and Brewers will be the first to use Major League Baseball’s expanded instant-replay review system, which allows managers the right to challenge at least one call. The game, which is being played in Maryvale, can be seen on MLB.TV.

Cubs manager Rick Renteria won’t have a flag in his pocket to throw on the field if he wants to challenge a call.

“I think the protocol will be if you want to challenge, you have to go out and talk to the umpire and either invoke it or he may ask me to invoke it depending on how long you stand out there conversing with him,” Renteria said.

Renteria said the umpires will try to resolve the disagreement first.

“I would imagine that if my gut is telling me immediately that I saw it completely different [he’ll challenge] — but you don’t want to waste it if you don’t have to,” Renteria said. “There’s going to be some availability as it’s set up to get the information that tells you if [the call] is good or not.”

— Carrie Muskat