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9/25 Extra bases

Tyler Colvin is doing well, but whether he switches to first base for 2011 has not been determined. Hendry talked to Colvin when the rookie outfielder was hospitalized after being struck in the chest by a broken bat in a freak accident last week in Miami.

“Obviously, he escaped a potential disastrous situation,” Hendry said Saturday. “If you were playing three weeks from now, he could possibly play.”

Colvin was expected to resume the strength program he was on after the 2009 season which helped him gain 25 pounds. He lost about 13 pounds during the season. What about switching to first base?

“We might look into it, depending on how the offseason goes and how we line up at first base and the outfield,” Cubs GM Jim Hendry said. “There are a lot of bridges to cross between now and the middle of February.”

On other topics:

* Hendry has been encouraged by how well the Cubs have played since Mike Quade took over. “Guys are playing hard, the veterans are hanging in there and still going about their business well and I’m real happy with some of the young pitchers who have gotten over the hump,” he said. “I think they’ll all benefit from that.”

* He complimented Sean Marshall for another stellar season as set-up man and expected lefty John Grabow to return strong. Grabow will not need surgery on his knee.

“We’re confident he can come back,” Hendry said. “In fairness to John, after having four, five good years, he had a rough first couple months and probably should’ve been a little more vocal on how much discomfort he was in. He’s not the type who wants to make excuses on his lack of success here.”

— Carrie Muskat

9/23 Hendry meets with Ryno

Cubs GM Jim Hendry met with Ryne Sandberg Tuesday and Wednesday in Arizona to discuss the Cubs’ manager vacancy.

“The process is continuing the way I said it would,” Hendry said Thursday.

Sandberg is the second person to be formally interviewed for the Cubs job. Hendry also has talked to former Indians manager Eric Wedge and was expected to interview Pat Listach and former Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu, among others.

Sandberg may be a popular candidate for other teams also looking for a manager. The former Cubs second baseman was named Pacific Coast League manager of the year this season after guiding the Triple-A Iowa Cubs to an 82-62 record. However, teams must contact the Cubs first to get permission to interview Sandberg, and so far, no team has requested that.

Since Lou Piniella retired, Mike Quade has taken over and led the Cubs to an 18-8 record. Quade also is a candidate for 2011.

“I’m very pleased with how he’s run the club and handled himself,” Hendry said of Quade. “The players are playing hard for him. It’s a really positive environment going on in our locker room and it’s a very solid blend of using the veterans properly and getting the kids the development we need to see toward the end of the season. It’s very positive. He’s doing an outstanding job.”

Hendry said he can see players fighting for jobs next season and also sees a lot of confidence.

“I see nothing but positives,” he said. “Let’s not forget, we traded quite a few players and now we’ve got a couple significant guys injured and we’re not playing any different and Mike hasn’t skipped a beat and given everybody a fair chance to earn their stripes.

“Hopefully we can finish it off and continue to get out of the development part of it and the knowledge that [assistant GM] Randy Bush and I need going into the offseason. So far, [Quade] has done an outstanding job.”

— Carrie Muskat

9/23 Maddux staying with Cubs

Greg Maddux will be back with the Cubs in 2011 in the same capacity as an assistant to GM Jim Hendry and be involved in scouting, coaching and player evaluation. New Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers told USA Today he’d like to hire the four-time Cy Young winner as Arizona’s next bench coach or pitching coach. Hendry said Thursday he spent part of the last two days with Maddux at Fitch Park in Mesa, Ariz., where he’s helping with the instructional league.

“Greg’s intent is to stay with the Cubs for 2011 and do exactly what he’s doing now,” Hendry said Thursday.

The two have had numerous conversations since Lou Piniella left, including discussions about Maddux joining the big league staff.

“[Towers’ comments] didn’t bother me because I knew what Greg was going to do,” Hendry said. “I don’t blame anybody for wanting Greg Maddux.”

The former Cubs pitcher has not expressed a desire to get back in uniform.

“He could probably do any job in the game that he chooses to down the road,” Hendry said. “He made the commitment to his family to work this way. When he wants to come back, if he wants to be in uniform, I’ll always try to accommodate him. He made it real clear to me and we talked about it then, looking ahead. We already knew Lou wasn’t coming back and that he was going to retire. I said, ‘Hey there are going to be some changes’ and he said, ‘I’d prefer to be doing what I’m doing for another year.'”

— Carrie Muskat

9/21 Hendry talks to Sandberg

Cubs GM Jim Hendry was in Arizona on Tuesday to interview Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, who
wrapped up his fourth year as a Minor League manager. Sandberg won Pacific Coast League manager of the year honors this year as the Triple-A Iowa Cubs finished tied for first with
an 82-62 record. Sandberg has made it clear he’s interested in the Cubs job.

Hendry has talked to former Indians manager Eric Wedge and also was expected to interview former D-backs manager Bob Melvin. Since Mike Quade took over the Cubs on Aug. 23, the team has gone 17-7 entering Tuesday’s game against the Giants. Quade also is a candidate for the job.

— Carrie Muskat

9/14 The record does matter

When Jim Hendry met with Mike Quade to talk about taking over the team, the GM told “Q” not to worry about his record. The Cubs are 12-7 since Aug. 23. Quade does pay attention to that.

“As soon as you put this [uniform] on, yeah, [I want to win],” Quade said Tuesday. “First of all, I love to compete. I honestly mean it when I said [I want to establish] some things from my end and how I want to do things.”

Despite winning Monday, the Cubs were officially eliminated from postseason play on Monday. That’s not going to stop Quade.

“It’s wonderful to play good clubs because that adds to the motivation,” he said. “I’m interested in winning every game but I do believe that you play well and make the opposition be as good as they can be to beat you and whatever happens, happens. I’ve been pretty happy with the way these guys have gone about their business the last two, three weeks.”

So, he’s not looking at his record?

“I’m too honest to say I’m not looking at our record,” Quade said. “I’m proud that the guys have played well enough that we’ve won ballgames, and I’m proud of the progress I’ve seen. Can you make progress and lose? Yeah. But right now, it’s worked out OK and there’s still plenty of work to do and let’s see how we do the next couple nights [against the Cardinals] and then head to Florida.

“So far, I’m happy with the way they’re going about their business and we’re winning as well,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat

9/14 Cubs manager search

Cubs GM Jim Hendry is expected to interview former Mariners and D-backs manager Bob Melvin for the team’s managerial position, according to Currently a scout for the Mets, Melvin interviewed for the Cubs job in 2003 but Hendry chose Dusty Baker. Melvin then got the Mariners job.

Hendry already has talked to former Indians manager Eric Wedge and had some preliminary discussions with Ryne Sandberg, named Pacific Coast League manager of the year this season at Triple-A Iowa. Pat Listach, Bob Brenly and current manager Mike Quade also will be considered for the Cubs job in 2011.

On Monday, Hendry said Quade was doing an “outstanding job” since taking over Aug. 23 for Lou Piniella, who retired earlier than planned to go home and take care of family business. The Cubs are 12-7 under Quade.

“He’s certainly done a very good job,” Hendry said. “Like I told him, I was never hung up on what our record would be. We’re winning our share and getting improvement out of some of the young kids. I give him a lot of credit. I think he’s done a real good job so far.”

The Cubs want the manager in place by the organizational meetings, held in early November. Hendry will compile a short list of candidates to present to the Cubs owners.

— Carrie Muskat

9/13 GM: Quade doing "outstanding job"

GM Jim Hendry said Monday that Mike Quade, who took over for Lou Piniella on Aug. 23, is doing an “outstanding job” as manager.

“He’s managing the game well, he’s managing the personnel well, managing the people and the clubhouse well,” Hendry said of Quade, who was the Cubs’ third base coach before being named to replace Piniella for the final six weeks.

“He’s certainly done a very good job,” Hendry said. “I think the guys are playing hard for him. Obviously, we’re playing a lot of young guys and pitching a lot of young guys. Like I told him, I was never hung up on what our record would be. We’re winning our share and getting improvement out of some of the young kids. I give him a lot of credit. I think he’s done a real good job so far.”

The Cubs have gone 11-7 since Quade took over, winning four of the last six series. The team was in fifth place in the National League Central when Piniella retired, returning home to Tampa, Fla., to take care of his ailing mother. The Cubs easily could’ve given up on the season.

“We thought we’d be adding for a potential postseason run and obviously, it was the opposite and when you have that many type of guys expecting to contend or used to contend, it can go south,” Hendry said. “I applaud [Quade] for the work he’s done with the veteran players and not just the kids.”

Quade, obviously, is a candidate for the Cubs job but Hendry also has others to consider, including Triple-A Iowa manager and Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg. There is no set time frame as to when Hendry will name the 2011 manager except that he’d like him in place by the organizational meetings, which will be in early November.

— Carrie Muskat

9/10 Best seller UPDATE

Brewers exec Tyler Barnes said they are trying to determine who left a fake release in the press box about a book allegedly written by Cubs GM Jim Hendry titled “How to Finish Near Last Place with the Highest Payroll in the League.” The release was stacked next to the team notes and packets of statistics at Miller Park, saying the book was “certain to be a best seller.” Barnes, vice president of communications with the Brewers, called it a “hoax.”

“It’s an unfortunate incident and lousy attempt at a practical joke,” Barnes said.

The release, which is not credited to anyone, stated that you can “read in Hendry’s own words” chapters on such topics as:

* Why I signed Milton Bradley
* Why I released Casey McGehee only to see him hit 20 home runs and drive in nearly 100 runs for a division rival.
* Why I signed players to long-term contracts with limited trade options.

The release didn’t give a publication date but did encourage readers to reserve a copy now.

“This is a great rivalry between the teams and we have a great respect for each other,” Barnes said. “It’s a poor attempt at low-level humor.”

— Carrie Muskat

9/8 No set time for manager interviews

Cubs officials Wednesday denied a report that GM Jim Hendry was to interview Ryne Sandberg within 10 days to discuss the team’s manager position. Sandberg was named the Pacific Coast League manager of the year after leading Triple-A Iowa to an 82-62 record. Sandberg is a candidate for the job but officials say there is no schedule for the interview process.

— Carrie Muskat

9/7 Doing it Q's way

Cubs manager Mike Quade made the decision to bench Starlin Castro after the rookie made a couple mental mistakes. Would he do the same thing to a veteran player?

“Everything is different,” Quade said Tuesday. “You may challenge a veteran more. There’s no question you handle veterans versus young players in different ways. Arguably, some of the lapses of concentration that ‘Cassie’ has had, they just have youth written all over it. You discipline your 6-year-old different than you discipline your 17-year-old. It’s case by case. I think discipline and watching this kid play and giving him a break all seem to fit to me. We’ll see how he responds.”

Quade made the decision but not before bouncing it off his coaches and GM Jim Hendry.

“Here’s the way I look at things and it’s different everywhere and some owners get involved,” Quade said. “Jim’s been great and has given me leeway to do what I want. Any time you do something like this or make a serious lineup change and have somebody not playing, it’s my nature to talk to Jim or Randy [Bush] or my staff and say this is what I’m thinking. I get feedback from all over the place. Jim has given me the opportunity and said, ‘Just do it,’ and I’m doing what I want to do.”

— Carrie Muskat