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9/18 Cubs Inbox

Am trying to revive the Inbox, and fans are encouraged to email questions to, and please include your full name and hometown. Here are some questions to get started.

Q: In the Sept. 13 game, the box score read “25 LOB” for the Cubs. Aside from the fact that it would break the MLB record by five, how is it possible if the Cubs only had eight offensive frames? Is there an error in the score keeping? — Jonathan M., 512 area code

A: No, you’re looking at “individual LOB.” For example, if you look at Kosuke Fukudome’s line, it says “6 LOB” and that means he stranded six baserunners. If you look further down in the box score under “BATTING,” you’ll see the “Team LOB,” which was nine. It’s confusing, I don’t like it, no one uses it, but it’s there.

Q: Randy Wells has pitched a total of 147 innings between Iowa and the Cubs. Last year, he pitched a total of 123. Many think a pitcher should not increase his innings count from one year to the next by more than 20 percent in order to prevent injury. In Wells’ case, this means he should be shutdown after 147 innings. With 139 under his belt, it looks like he should be shut down now or after, at most, one more start. Any idea whether the Cubs will follow this precept? — Candace S.

A: After Thursday’s game, in which Wells lasted four innings, Lou Piniella said the rookie was being considered for a breather. The trouble is, at this point in the season, the Cubs don’t have that many subs. Piniella wanted to give Esmailin Caridad a start but With Angel Guzman (triceps) out, they are a little short-handed as far as starters go.

— Carrie Muskat