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6/10 Cubs vs. Reds, round II

As far as the Cubs and Reds are concerned, both teams would like to put any bad blood to rest as they start a fresh series this week at Wrigley Field. The last time the teams met — May 26 in Cincinnati — Reds right-hander Johnny Cueto threw a pitch over David DeJesus’ head with a four-run lead in the sixth inning. Cueto received a warning from home plate umpire Bob Davidson, Cubs pitcher Matt Garza took exception to the play, and the Cubs went on to win.

“Cueto should learn, you don’t go after guys’ heads,” Garza said after the incident. “Don’t wake a sleeping dog. I think that’s kind of immature on his part and totally uncalled for. He’s lucky that retaliation isn’t in our vocabulary.”

Both teams’ managers downplayed the incident on Monday. Asked if he expected any repercussions, Cubs manager Dale Sveum said no.

“There’s nothing to that whole situation,” Sveum said.

Garza will pitch in Game 2 of the series on Tuesday. Cueto, on the disabled list, will not face the Cubs this time around.

Reds manager Dusty Baker, who said the following day that Garza should address the situation personally with Cueto and that the two could settle it with a fight, said the incident is “over.”

“I think Johnny got fined for it,” Baker said. “So all we can do is play ball. And whoever wants to do something, it’s their prerogative if they want to. … I don’t even know Garza. Never spoke to him in my life.”

6/9 Cubs vs. Reds

After Sunday’s series finale agaisnt the Pirates, the Cubs continue this 10-game homestand against NL Central teams on Monday, opening a four-game series against the Reds. Here are the pitching matchups:

Monday: RHP Scott Feldman (5-4, 2.84) vs. RHP Homer Bailey (3-4, 3.84)
Tuesday: RHP Matt Garza (1-0, 4.03) vs. TBD
Wednesday: LHP Travis Wood (5-4, 2.65) vs. RHP Mike Leake (5-3, 2.93)
Thursday: RHP Jeff Samardzija (3-7, 3.18) vs. RHP Mat Latos (6-0. 2.87)

6/5 Cubs lineup

Dioner Navarro is the designated hitter Wednesday and Darwin Barney the new leadoff man for the Cubs against the Angels and lefty Jason Vargas. Here’s the lineup:

Barney 2B
Ransom 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Castro SS
Navarro DH
Sweeney CF

Garza P

6/4 Cubs vs. Angels

The Cubs open a quick two-game Interleague series against the Angels on Tuesday night. This will be only the second trip ever to Angel Stadium. In 2004, the Cubs won two out of three games in Anaheim.

After this series, the Cubs will have visited four current AL ballparks once -– Baltimore, Boston, Minnesota and Tampa Bay. On July 2-4, the Cubs will make their first-ever visit to Oakland. At that point, the new Yankee Stadium will be the only current AL park in which the Cubs have not played a regular season contest. The Cubs did play two exhibition games there to open the park in 2009.

The Cubs enter this series having won five straight Interleague games for the first time since June 15-July 7, 2001, vs. the Twins (3-0) and Tigers (2-0). The run is one shy of the franchise record of six straight Interleague victories done Sept. 2, 1997-June 8, 1998. The current five straight Interleague wins are tied for the franchise’s most in a single campaign (also June 15-July 1, 2001).

* The Cubs own a 113-128 (.469) all-time record in Interleague play dating to 1997. The most recent winning season against the AL was in 2007 (8-4). The team went 5-10 against the AL in both 2011 and 2012.

* Here are the pitching matchups for Cubs vs. Angels:

Tuesday: RHP Scott Feldman (5-4, 2.82) vs. RHP Jered Weaver (1-1, 3.71)
Wednesday: RHP Matt Garza (1-0, 3.38) vs. LHP Jason Vargas (5-3, 3.34)

5/31 Cubs lineup

Matt Garza makes his third start since coming off the disabled list on Friday when the Cubs open a three-game series against the Diamondbacks. Lefty Wade Miley starts for Arizona. Here’s the lineup:

DeJesus CF
Castro SS
Rizzo 1B
Soriano LF
Hairston RF
Castillo C
Ransom 3B
Barney 2B
Garza P

* Garza needs to drive in one run to tie the Major League record for most RBIs by pitchers in a calendar month. The 1940 Tigers totaled 20 RBIs in August. The Cubs pitchers set the National League record on Thursday, thanks to Travis Wood’s grand slam. The Cubs pitchers have 19 RBIs in May.

* Catcher Welington Castillo appears to be fine after taking a bat on the knuckles of his left hand in Thursday’s game. The back swing caught his hand, and he was called for catcher’s interference.

* Garza has surrendered three or fewer earned runs in 18-consecutive home starts dating to June 27, 2011. That’s the longest stretch by a Cub since Kerry Wood allowed three or fewer earned runs in 22-straight home starts from July 7, 2000-April 20, 2002. In his last 18 starts at Wrigley Field since June 27, 2011, Garza is 7-4 with two complete games and a 1.97 ERA.

* Cubs pitchers not only have the most RBIs, they lead all Major League staffs with six doubles and four home runs. The homers have come in the last 13 games dating to May 15.

– Carrie Muskat

5/30 Go Blackhawks

Jeff Samardzija may have beaten the White Sox on Monday but he lost to Paul Konerko in the shoot out between periods of Wednesday’s Blackhawks playoff game. Samardzija joined some of his teammates at Game 7 between the Blackhawks and Red Wings, which Chicago won in overtime, 2-1. Samardzija wore a Bob Probert No. 24 Blackhawks jersey. He was a big fan of the forward, known as an enforcer.

“He’s one of the guys I remember growing up,” Samardzija said. “I used to watch the games with my dad. I don’t think my dad was the best stick handler or skater either, and he had his buddies on the team and they were goal scorers. You breathe on them the wrong way, and I think [my dad's] job was to go straighten them out. I think that’s why he liked Probert which is why I like Probert.”

Between the second and third period, Samardzija and Konerko took part in the shootout. The Cubs pitcher missed all three shots. Konerko did much better.

“I was walking down there and they told me Paulie was shooting the puck,” Samardzija said. “I said, ‘He’s going to make me feel like an idiot.’ It’s the first time I’ve been on the ice with a packed house.”

The Cubs pitcher knows who’s the better hockey player among the two of them.

“He knows where [he is on] the totem pole on that,” Samardzija said. “He’s up top. He’s got a nice little wrister there. I was trying to finesse it.”

The Blackhawks may want to keep Samardzija and Konerko on call.

“I have a whole year to get ready for my next one,” Samardzija said. “They won, so if they have another Game 7, I’m pretty sure me and Paulie have to shoot the puck again at the second intermission.”

Matt Garza, Edwin Jackson and James Russell joined Samardzija and Dale Sveum at the game at the United Center. They saw how excited Chicago fans can be when the team is successful. Samardzija feels that buzz now for the Cubs-White Sox series.

“To be honest with you, we haven’t had that many games where guys can see what the Chicago fans and big games are like,” Samardzija said. “They’re totally different when you’re playing big games and everyone’s coming out and fighting for tickets and there’s a madhouse in the streets. It’s a different feel than when you’re playing another team on a weekday here.

“To see that excitement and see how people react to situations and how bad they want to be at those games and how bad they want the playoff games, it makes you realize this stuff needs to happen now [with the Cubs] and as soon as possible.”

– Carrie Muskat

5/30 Looking ahead

Following the Interleague series against the White Sox, the Cubs play host to the Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field. Here are the pitching matchups:

Friday: RHP Matt Garza (0-0, 4.00) vs. LHP Wade Miley (3-4, 4.53)
Saturday: RHP Jeff Samardzija (3-6, 2.85) vs. RHP Ian Kennedy (2-3, 4.70)
Sunday: RHP Edwin Jackson (1-7, 6.11) vs. LHP Patrick Corbin (8-0, 1.71)

5/27 DeJesus downplays Cueto pitch

The Cubs did their best Monday to downplay comments Matt Garza made about Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto, who threw a pitch over David DeJesus’ head on Sunday. Cueto had appeared to take exception to DeJesus stepping out of the batter’s box in the first. In the sixth, DeJesus did it again, and Cueto threw a ball over DeJesus’ head. Home plate umpire Bob Davidson issued a warning to both benches.

Garza took exception to Cueto’s actions, and called it “total immaturity.” On Monday, Dale Sveum tried to dismiss the matter.

“Yesterday is over with. It’s people’s prerogative to make a big thing out of something that was no big thing at all. Those are their comments. I’ve got nothing to really comment on something that’s over with.”

DeJesus flew out to right in the at-bat and was laughing as he ran off the field but that’s because he was looking at the Reds’ Todd Frazier, who is a friend of his.

“I’m not really worried about it,” DeJesus said. “It’s great to have guys who back you, your own teammates. You want your teammates behind you, like Garza, who’s a great guy to have. I don’t think this needs to get blown out of proportion. It gave us a spark that we needed yesterday. We were able to come back and win a big game. We come into this series feeling fresh and feeling positive. I think that’s how we need to go. That’s over with, that’s done with and let’s move forward.”

What about Dusty Baker’s comments that Garza and Cueto should duke it out?

“That’s not a way to do it either,” DeJesus said. “It is what it is now, and hopefully, it’s over with, and let’s just move on. It’s not worth putting any more oil in the fire.”

There is no history between Cueto and DeJesus, who is very deliberate at the plate.

“I do the same thing every at-bat, so it’s not like I’m doing it just against him,” DeJesus said. “I have no problem with him, I respect his game, I respect him as a player.”

Soriano knows Cueto well but didn’t think the pitch was mean-spirited.

“I think Cueto was joking around with him because he takes time getting in the box,” Soriano said. “If [Cueto] wanted to hit him, he’d hit him because he has good control. Cueto likes to pitch real quick, and DeJesus is different, he takes his time at home plate.”

– Carrie Muskat

5/27 Dusty to Garza: Take care of it

Reds manager Dusty Baker was told Monday about Matt Garza’s comments regarding Johnny Cueto’s pitch over David DeJesus. Garza wasn’t happy with Cueto’s actions, and the Cubs pitcher said he’ll take care of things.

“Take care of it then,” Baker told reporters in Cincinnati, including’s Mark Sheldon. “I mean, [Cueto] couldn’t hit Wilt Chamberlain with that pitch. I haven’t talked to Johnny about it. I don’t think there’s any bad blood between them or whatever.”

Baker said Garza should deal with Cueto face to face.

“Johnny ain’t running. Know what I mean?” Baker said. “A guy can say what he wants to say, but it’s better if you go over and say it to his face. … I just wish, just put them in a room, let them box and let it be over with, know what I mean? I’ve always said this. Let it be like hockey. Let them fight, somebody hits the ground and then it’ll be over with. I’m serious about that. I come from a different school. Guys didn’t talk as much. You just did it.

“Guys are nicer now,” Baker said. “They all have the same agents, they all played on certain All-Star teams, they text each other, email each other. Nice game now. They talk before the game about how far you hit one yesterday off me. They’re nice.”

In case you’re wondering, the Cubs play host to the Reds June 10-13 at Wrigley Field. Stay tuned.

– Carrie Muskat

5/26 Garza to Cueto: Grow up

The Cubs were going to let Matt Garza go longer on Sunday than the 80-pitch limit imposed in his first start. He went long enough to get mad. Welington Castillo hit a game-winning RBI double with two outs in the 10th inning Sunday to power the Cubs to a 5-4 victory over the Reds, and snap a six-game losing streak. A Beach Boys concert was planned for after the game. Garza provided the fireworks in the Cubs clubhouse.

There was some friction in the Cubs sixth as Johnny Cueto threw a ball over David DeJesus’ head. Cueto seemed to take exception to DeJesus stepping out of the batter’s box in the first. Home plate umpire Bob Davidson issued a warning to both benches. Garza took exception to Cueto’s actions.

“Cueto should learn, you don’t go after guy’s heads,” he said. “Don’t wake a sleeping dog. I think that’s kind of immature on his part and totally uncalled for. He’s lucky that retaliation isn’t in our vocabulary. You play each game like it’s a new one. That’s [nonsense] on his part — just total immaturity. If he has something to say about it, he knows where to find my locker and I’ll definitely find his.

“I took total disrespect out of that,” Garza said. “[DeJesus] has never done anything wrong, he just plays the game the right way. If Cueto has any problem, he can throw at me, and I’ll definitely return the favor. I didn’t like that one bit. We don’t retaliate. We take it game by game. Hopefully, he learns to grow the [heck] up. That’s totally uncalled for.”

Garza wanted to make sure Cueto got the message.

“I hope he hears this because I really don’t care,” Garza said. “If we want to retaliate, we could’ve and lost a bullpen guy but we don’t need that. We play the game the right way. We’ll take our lumps when we take them and hand them out when we hand them out. I think we responded well to the warning and just play the game well.”

There’s no history between Garza and Cueto.

“I just didn’t like what he did,” Garza said. “I don’t know what happened but the guy is an always down in the zone guy and he threw into the arm side away box and that takes effort. As a pitcher, that takes a lot of effort. I don’t know what the deal is between him and [DeJesus], but he needs to cut it out because I’ll stop it. I’ll stop it. And that’s just the way it goes. He wants to do it like that, so be it.”

Garza said his message could be a warning or nonsense — he wasn’t sure how Cueto would take it.

“If the game was played that way, I don’t like it like that,” Garza said. “You don’t go intently and try to injure somebody. Hopefully the league looks at that. I don’t want him to get suspended or anything. I just want him to learn a lesson. Hopefully, his players will warn him. It is what it is, they run their own show. We’ll see him again down the line.”

Davidson told Cubs manager Dale Sveum that he didn’t feel Cueto was trying to hit DeJesus, but was just miffed at how long the outfielder took in the box.

“I think he was just goofing around throwing up over his head,” Sveum said. “I said, ‘Why don’t you throw him out of the game then?’ [Davidson] said he knew [Cueto] wasn’t trying to hit him.

“It probably woke us up as much as anything,” Sveum said. “It woke our dugout up.”

Back to the game. With the game tied at 4 and two outs in the 10th against J.J. Hoover, Scott Hairston walked. Castillo then lined the ball into the left field corner to score Hairston.

– Carrie Muskat


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