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8/12 Upon further review

The Cubs had not been involved in an instant replay review until Monday in Colorado, and then again Tuesday at home against the Phillies. Both calls have been in the Cubs’ favor. What does Lou Piniella think of it?

“I like the system because they’ve both gone our way,” Piniella said Wednesday. “It’s a great system.”

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire has suggested baseball switch to what the NFL does, which is give coaches a red flag to throw onto the field when they want to challenge calls.

“I’d have to get my arm in shape to throw that thing out,” Piniella said.

Would one flag be enough?

“I’d be throwing batting practice,” Piniella quipped.

What does Cubs GM Jim Hendry think of it?

“I was one of the guys who for years voted against it,” Hendry said. “The old purist in me thought it was part of the game for umpires to get argued with and get guys tossed every now and then. Obviously, with the modern-day parks, I changed my opinion on the home runs and the fair and foul [calls being reviewed].”

However, Hendry didn’t want instant replay expanded to include other questionable calls.

“I guess I’ve still got enough old school in me that I like the purity of it,” he said. “I like the way we do our sport. I like the human element. And for the most part, the umpires get it right. Every now and then, somebody’s got to get tossed and throw a hat, I think that’s good for the game, too.”

The umpires could’ve used instant replay to double check the call in Colorado at second base. Or maybe not.

“It was so obvious that it was one that was kind of hard to miss,” Hendry said.

— Carrie Muskat

8/11 Pedro returns

When Alfonso Soriano played for the Yankees, he had to face Pedro Martinez a lot.

“He was something else,” Soriano said. “It was like no chance. Sometimes I got a hit, and I didn’t know how. I had maybe three, four against him. I was like thank God, I got one hit. I was usually 0-for-4, 0-for-3, two strikeouts. He was very tough. He was very young, smart and had power.”

Soriano was young, too.

“I’m different now and have more experience and he doesn’t have the same stuff, so we’ll see what happens,” Soriano said.

Martinez will make his first start of the season Wednesday in Game 2 of this three-game series between the Phillies and Cubs. Martinez has had the upper hand, striking Soriano out 15 times in 43 career at-bats. Soriano has seven hits, for a .163 average.

“What I saw when he was with the Mets was a totally different Pedro,” Soriano said. “He doesn’t have the fastball, 94, 95 [mph]. I think he has the change and the breaking ball. He doesn’t have the velocity that he had before.”

So, is he a smarter pitcher now?

“He is smarter now — he’s not a power pitcher and it’s more location,” Soriano said. “He knows he has to throw the pitch. Before he could throw any pitch, any count. Now it’s different because he doesn’t have the same power stuff that he had before.”

Looking forward to seeing him Wednesday?

“Let’s see what he’s got,” Soriano said.

— Carrie Muskat