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1/28 Salute to Mr. Cub


Ernie Banks’ wife Liz joins Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (who is behind wreath on left) in placing a wreath at the base of a statue of Mr. Cub in Daley Plaza.

(photo by Carrie Muskat/

7/10 Theo, Pearl Jam give back


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Theo Epstein, Cubs president of baseball operations, visited the South Chicago Arts Center Wednesday to announce a contribution of $130,000 from the rock band Pearl Jam and the Foundation to be Named Later in support of education and inspiring under-served young people in Chicago through the visual arts.

As part of Pearl Jam’s upcoming sold-out concert July 19 at Wrigley Field, the band is donating $2 per ticket from their Vitalogy Foundation to benefit Chicago visual arts programs Marwen and South Chicago Arts Center. The city of Chicago made the recommendation of the visual arts programs to the band. Approximately $40,000 will be donated to each organization from the foundation.

Given the Chicago connection with the concert, Epstein’s Foundation to be Named Later and Chicago Cubs Charities added to the contribution. The Foundation to be Named Later will contribute $15,000 to each organization and another $10,000 will be donated to each organization from Chicago Cubs Charities.

1/23 Mayor reacts to Wrigley plan

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel supports the Cubs’ efforts to pay for renovations to Wrigley Field. During a news conference at Harold Washington College Wednesday, Emanuel was asked about the proposal, unveiled at the Cubs Convention.

“When I first started this discussion, the Cubs wanted $200 million in taxpayer dollars,” Emanuel told reporters. “I said, ‘No.’ Then they said, ‘We’d like $150 million taxpayer dollars,’ and I said, ‘No.’ Then they asked if they could have $100 million in taxpayer subsidies, and I said, ‘No.’ Then, they asked about $55 million in taxpayer subsidies. I said, ‘No.’ The good news is after 15 months, they’ve heard the word, ‘No.’

“So, we’re at a point where there will be no taxpayer subsidies for a private entity,” Emanuel said. “That said, Wrigley is important to the neighborhood and to the city — or at least a part of the city that likes to go there — and I want to ensure that it continues that kind of important role that it plays in the North Side, which is why I’m also pleased that they’re also putting a hotel up. So, I asked all the parties involved to finish this up.”

Will the city give the Cubs the go ahead to do what they want? Emanuel would only say: “We all have a stake in getting it done. It is not done until all the parts fall in place. There are other things that are necessary to do that. There are 1,200 jobs at stake in buliding and refurbishing Wrigley. But, I want to be clear, I said from the beginning and now it’s absolutely clear and underscored — there will be no taxpayer subsidy in the refurbishing of Wrigley. But, all the parties have a role to play to see it through to the end, and I intent to help do that.”

The Cubs are willing to pay $300 million in renovation plans, to be done over five offseasons, but want the city to let the team add more advertising signage, have more night games, and be able to close off Sheffield avenue on weekends.

— Carrie Muskat

11/5 Theo meets Rahm

New Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein met with Rahm Emanuel this week and presented Chicago’s mayor with a Cubs jacket.

“While we are a city with a deep set of loyalties to which baseball team we are for, regardless of your loyalty, I think the whole city is wishing him well in this new venture with the Chicago Cubs,” Emanuel told the media Friday.

The mayor said Epstein’s arrival has not changed his mind about taxpayer-funded renovations for Wrigley Field. Emanuel has said Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts’ plan to set aside future gains in city and county ticket taxes to pay for improvements to the 97-year-old stadium was a “non-starter.”

“I am not changing my perspective from the taxpayers just because people are excited,” Emanuel said. “I will still evaluate anything I do as it relates to Wrigley Field based on the interests of the taxpayers. That’s who I’m negotiating for.”

Emanuel and Epstein did not discuss adding more night games at Wrigley or changing the ballpark’s landmark designation.

“It was mainly, ‘Does this size fit you?'” Emanuel said.

— Carrie Muskat

12/17 Breakfast with Mr. Cub

Hall of Famer Ernie Banks had breakfast Friday with Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel. The two met at Lou Mitchell’s restaurant in Chicago, a meeting Emanuel said fulfilled a life-long dream. Banks said he endorsed Emanuel for mayor and was on his “team.”

— Carrie Muskat