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3/18 Byrd on Washington: "Everybody makes mistakes"

Marlon Byrd was surprised by the news that his former manager, Ron Washington, admitted to cocaine use.

“It’s tough,” Byrd said. “Everyone makes mistakes. [The Rangers] are keeping him over there. He’s a great baseball man and tt speaks volumes about what they think about him, keeping him in that role. He’ll get past this quickly.”

Byrd said going public with the news may help Washington.

“It may have been something that might be better for him — get it off his chest, get it out there,” Byrd said. “There’s nothing he needs to hide any more. All he can focus on now is going out and helping the Texas Rangers win the AL West.”

— Carrie Muskat

9/22 Washington on Bradley: 'He was awesome'

Ron Washington, who managed Milton Bradley last season in Texas, was surprised at the news the Cubs had suspended the outfielder for the remainder of the season.

“He was awesome,” Washington said of his time with Bradley. “He did a great job for me. It wasn’t my first rodeo with Milton. I never had a problem with Milton. If I didn’t like something, I just let him know. All Milton wants is someone to be honest with him. He’s no dummy. He knows when he screws up.

“I know things didn’t go well in Chicago. I’m sorry to hear that. I felt he could be a good force for them.”

— Carrie Muskat