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5/27 The Redbirds are coming

It’s almost June and the Cubs have yet to play their Central rivals, the Cardinals. St. Louis comes to town on Friday. Chicago entered Thursday’s game five games back.

“We’ve hung around,” Lou Piniella said. “Four or five games [back in the standings] isn’t much. It’s a question now of consistency. It’s a question of winning with a little more regularity and getting to .500 and over. Until that happens, there’s no sense worrying about the Cardinals or anybody else.

“If we can get ourselves to the point where we stabilize at .500 and slowly creep up from there, we can look to make some noise,” he said. “We have an uphill climb still. We have to keep playing and playing hard. We’re starting to swing the bats a little better. On defense, we’re second to last in National League on defense. We need to improve on that. The bottom line, we need to win more games.”

— Carrie Muskat

11/30 The ring's the thing but …

Finishing in second did pay off for the Cubs. Major League Baseball announced Monday the Cubs’ share of the players’ postseason pool totaled $590,731.16, with each full share valued at $8,261.97. The Cubs, who finished second in the NL Central, awarded 58 full shares and 13.5 partial shares.

The St. Louis Cardinals, who won the Central, had a players’ pool of $1,772,193.48 to draw from, and the value of each full share was $29,446.60.

The World Champion New York Yankees’ share of the players pool was $21,266,321.79, and the value of each share was a record $365,052.73.

The players’ pool is formed from 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the Division Series and 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of the League Championship series and the World Series. The total was divided among 12 clubs: The World Series participants, the LCS and DS runners up, and the four regular season second-place clubs that were not Wild Card participants.

The Angels, the ALCS runners-up, awarded a full share to the estate of pitcher Nick Adenhart.

— Carrie Muskat