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3/18 Byrd on Washington: "Everybody makes mistakes"

Marlon Byrd was surprised by the news that his former manager, Ron Washington, admitted to cocaine use.

“It’s tough,” Byrd said. “Everyone makes mistakes. [The Rangers] are keeping him over there. He’s a great baseball man and tt speaks volumes about what they think about him, keeping him in that role. He’ll get past this quickly.”

Byrd said going public with the news may help Washington.

“It may have been something that might be better for him — get it off his chest, get it out there,” Byrd said. “There’s nothing he needs to hide any more. All he can focus on now is going out and helping the Texas Rangers win the AL West.”

— Carrie Muskat

12/18 Milton Bradley & Matt Capps

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in about two months, and Milton Bradley is still with the Cubs. FOX Sports reports the Rays, Rangers and Mariners are still interested in Bradley but no deal is close. The Cubs and Rays have been talking about swapping Bradley for Pat Burrell, but Tampa Bay wants GM Jim Hendry to agree to pick up a large part of the second year of Bradley’s contract. The Rangers are a longshot. Bradley’s time in Texas didn’t end on good terms. The M’s could be hesitant to take on a controversial player like Bradley. They recently added Chone Figgins and Cliff Lee.

The sticking point, as we’ve reported before, is the $21 million Bradley is owed over the next two years. The Cubs don’t want to pay any of that, and they don’t want to release the volatile outfielder.

Matt Capps could have a new team by Christmas. The free agent closer apparently plans on picking five or six teams as finalists by the weekend, then making a decision as to where he wants to pitch. Capps, who was not tendered arbitration by the Pirates, has been approached by several teams, including the Cubs. He’d like to close, but Capps’ agent Paul Kinzer told FOX Sports that he’d accept a set-up role with a contender. Besides the Cubs, the Diamondbacks, Orioles, Rangers, Rockes, Marlins, Nationals, Mets, Tigers and Yankees are interested in the right-hander.

Capps, 26, had 27 saves this season with the Pirates, appearing in 57 games. He walked 17 and struck out 46 over 54 1/3 innings.

— Carrie Muskat

12/6 Milton & the Rays

The Rays apparently feel the same way about the money owed Milton Bradley that the Rangers do. Both teams want the Cubs to pick some of it up. Tampa Bay would like to have a hitter like Bradley in their lineup. Last year, when he was a free agent, Bradley was courted by Tampa Bay officials. According to the St. Petersburg Times, executive vice president Andrew Friedman and manager Joe Maddon took Bradley to lunch to get a better read on the outfielder.

“For me, I would have no problems whatsoever if he became part of our organization,” Maddon told the Times. “If that were to ever happen I’m pretty sure we’d get along pretty well.”

The casual lunch revealed a different side of Bradley, whose first year in Chicago ended with a 15-game suspension for detrimental conduct. Maddon had heard good things from Bud Black, who managed Bradley in San Diego in 2007.

“You get all this what you hear, what you see and obviously some of the things that he has done,” Maddon told the Times. “Then you sit with him and you get a totally different perspective on him. … I found him to be a bright, thoughtful, family-oriented kind of a guy. So I thought he was interesting.”

The Rays would like to move outfielder Pat Burrell, who batted .221 with 14 homers and 64 RBIs in 122 games last season. The Cubs do want a right-handed hitter who can play right field against left-handers in place of Kosuke Fukudome, who was 9-for-55 against southpaws. Bradley is owed $9 million in 2010 and $12 million in 2011. Burrell is owed $9 million next year.

— Carrie Muskat

12/6 Bradley & the Rangers

Milton Bradley had his best season with the Rangers in 2008 when he led the American League in on-base percentage, hit 22 homers and drove in 77 runs. The Rangers want to add a big bat to their lineup for next season, and have inquired about bringing Bradley back. But a Texas source said Sunday that Bradley was very high maintenance and the team wasn’t sure it wanted to deal with that “headache” again. Texas is looking for some bullpen help, which the Cubs could provide in a trade. However, the Rangers do not want Bradley if the Cubs aren’t willing to pick up a chunk of the $21 million still owed the switch-hitting outfielder.

The Tampa Bay Rays appear to be one of at least three teams interested in Bradley, whom the Cubs are trying to move.

— Carrie Muskat


11/20 Bradley rumors

Four to six teams have expressed interest in acquiring Milton Bradley, with the interest in varying degrees, depending on how much of the $21 million still owed the outfielder that the Cubs are willing to pick up.

However, top officials at both the Rangers and Cubs on Friday denied a Chicago Tribune report, which outlined a three-team swap that included the Mets. The proposed deal had Bradley going to the Rangers, who would ship Kevin Millwood to the Mets. The Cubs would get second baseman Luis Castillo from New York.

Yes, the Cubs would like to improve their second base situation. Millwood is owed $12 million in the last year of his deal, and the Mets need pitching. According to the Tribune, the Cubs would have to pay part of the $21 million remaining on Bradley’s contract.

But a top Cubs official said there was no truth to the rumor. A high-ranking Rangers official told’s T.R. Sullivan such a deal is “not happening.”

There is legitimate interest in Bradley, even after his dropoff in ’09, his first year in Chicago. Teams have told GM Jim Hendry to keep them in the loop, and are waiting to see whether the Cubs will eat some of Bradley’s contract.

There have been reports that the Cubs would take Tampa Bay outfielder Pat Burrell in a deal for Bradley, but Burrell is owed $9 million in 2010 and the Rays reportedly want Chicago to pick up part of Bradley’s money as well.

— Carrie Muskat

9/22 Washington on Bradley: 'He was awesome'

Ron Washington, who managed Milton Bradley last season in Texas, was surprised at the news the Cubs had suspended the outfielder for the remainder of the season.

“He was awesome,” Washington said of his time with Bradley. “He did a great job for me. It wasn’t my first rodeo with Milton. I never had a problem with Milton. If I didn’t like something, I just let him know. All Milton wants is someone to be honest with him. He’s no dummy. He knows when he screws up.

“I know things didn’t go well in Chicago. I’m sorry to hear that. I felt he could be a good force for them.”

— Carrie Muskat